Updated Pap smear detects ovarian, uterine cancers

Updated Pap smear detects ovarian, uterine cancers

Genetic analysis added to procedure offers way to reveal malignancies

By Nathan Seppa, 13:59 PM January 9, 2013

A multipurpose version of a Pap smear can detect genetic signs of ovarian or uterine cancer in women, researchers report. When applied to the cervical swabs, the experimental analysis spotted genetic mutations in every sample from uterine cancer patients and in many from those with ovarian cancer.

The test is far from clinic-ready. But if confirmed in larger studies and developed into a usable “Papgene” test, as the study authors propose, the new approach could change cancer testing in wome...

Source URL: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/updated-pap-smear-detects-ovarian-uterine-cancers