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  1. Yasmin Morales stands in the doorway of her home with debris and the Puerto Rico landscape visible behind her. The roof is absent. Jugs of water sit on a counter top, and two big blue barrels stand in front of her.

    A coral pollution study unexpectedly helped explain Hurricane Maria’s fury

    Tracking coral reef pollution in Puerto Rico, conservation researchers discovered by chance how the coastal ocean fueled Hurricane Maria.

  2. underwater image of an Indo-Pacific bottlenosed dolphin rubbing on coral on the seafloor

    These dolphins may turn to corals for skin care

    For Indo-Pacific bottlenosed dolphins, rubbing against corals and sea sponges that contain antibacterial compounds could help keep skin healthy.

  3. a coral reef teeming with fish and a diver in the background

    How some sunscreens damage coral reefs

    In lab experiments, sea anemones and coral turned oxybenzone into a toxin activated by light. But helpful algae may provide a layer of protection.

  4. a microscopic image of a Madagascar giant day gecko hand, showing cyan-colored nerve cells amidst yellow and orange collagen, against a black backdrop

    A glimpse inside a gecko’s hand won the 2022 Nikon Small World photo contest

    The annual competition highlights microscopic images that bring the smallest details from science and nature to life.

  5. An underwater photo of a juvenile dugong swimming in the Red Sea not too far from the surface.

    A new metric of extinction risk considers how cultures care for species

    Conservation efforts should consider relationships between cultural groups and the species important to them, researchers argue.

  6. underwater scene of coral on ocean floor with fish swimming around

    Corals may store a surprising amount of microplastics in their skeletons

    In tropical waters, coral reefs may be a “sink” for tiny bits of plastic debris. It’s unclear how corals’ trash pickup might affect reef health.

  7. A red lionfish with fins spread wide next to bright red coral

    How slow and steady lionfish win the race against fast prey

    Lionfish overcome speedy prey with persistent pursuit, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Other slow predatory fish may use the technique too.

  8. Photo of Saba island

    A Caribbean island gets everyone involved in protecting beloved species

    Scientists on Saba are introducing island residents to conservation of Caribbean orchids, red-billed tropicbirds and urchins.

  9. orange and pink soft coral

    Probiotics help lab corals survive deadly heat stress

    In a lab experiment, probiotics prevented the death of corals under heat stress, suggesting beneficial microbes could help save ailing reefs.

  10. A photo of a giant, 3,200-year-old statue of King Ramses II inside the Grand Egyptian Museum with constructions workers milling about.
    Science & Society

    Here are 7 new science museums and exhibitions to visit in 2023

    The Grand Egyptian Museum is slated to open, as well as new exhibitions dedicated to space travel, the Galápagos Islands and more.

  11. a scientist in snorkeling gear swims over the large Muga dhambi coral

    An incredibly resilient coral in the Great Barrier Reef offers hope for the future

    At more than 400 years old, a massive coral off the coast of Australia has endured as many as 80 cyclones and 99 bleaching events.

  12. Summer nights may never be the same again

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses this summer's record-breaking high temperatures and Science News' continued climate coverage.