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  1. A collection of three microscopic images of potential giant viruses.

    A fantastical world of potential giant viruses lurks beneath the soil

    Giant viruses were already known for their large sizes. A close look at a scoop of soil shows that they may come in a variety of funky shapes as well.

  2. The animal kingdom never ceases to amaze

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute revels in the wonder of animals, from psychedelic toads to extinct pterosaurs.

  3. In this underwater photo, Marine biologist Jessica Pate swims beside a large oceanic manta ray.

    This marine biologist is on a mission to save endangered rays

    Jessica Pate and the Florida Manta Project confirm that endangered mantas are mating and sicklefin devils are migrating along the East Coast.

  4. A photo of a dark room with a projector screen showing a film about the origin of a star cluster. The outlines of people and stars are on the screen frozen while stars light up the ceiling.
    Science & Society

    The Smithsonian’s ‘Lights Out’ inspires visitors to save the fading night sky

    The exhibition examines how light pollution harms astronomy, ecosystems and human cultures. But it also offers hope.

  5. An image of several dark blue, gray, white, and light blue, 13-sided tiles interconnected.

    Mathematicians have finally discovered an elusive ‘einstein’ tile

    After half a century, mathematicians succeed in finding an ‘einstein,’ a shape that forms a tiled pattern that never repeats.

  6. An underwater photo of a tiger shark with an orange camera on its side

    Tiger sharks helped discover the world’s largest seagrass prairie

    Instrument-equipped sharks went where divers couldn’t to survey the Bahama Banks seagrass ecosystem.

  7. four barnacles on the surface of a crab carapace

    Barnacles are famed for not budging. But one species roams its sea turtle hosts

    Once settled and glued to the substrate, adult barnacles stay put. But turtle barnacles upend this trend, sliding slowly across their reptilian rides.

  8. sewage runoff pours out of a drainpipe

    50 years ago, chemical pollutants were linked to odd animal behavior

    Fifty years after studies hinted that pollution interferes with how aquatic creatures communicate, scientists are still unraveling its myriad effects.

  9. illustration of Earth showing the Blob in the eastern Pacific Ocean

    The past’s extreme ocean heat waves are now the new normal

    Marine heat waves that were rare more than a century ago now routinely occur in more than half of global ocean, suggesting we’ve hit a “point of no return.”

  10. green sea turtle swimming

    Why do sea turtles, penguins and sharks sometimes just swim in circles or spirals?

    Tracking devices recorded the loops and spirals of 10 marine species. In some cases, scientists have good guesses for why; other times it’s baffling.

  11. illustration of several types of dinosaurs exploring a habitat with a lake and trees amid rain

    A volcano-induced rainy period made Earth’s climate dinosaur-friendly

    New physical evidence links eruptions 234 million to 232 million years ago to climate changes that let dinosaurs start their climb to dominance.

  12. a jaguar swimming in water

    Huge numbers of fish-eating jaguars prowl Brazil’s wetlands

    Jaguars in the northern Pantanal ecosystem primarily feed on fish and caiman, living at densities previously unknown for the species.