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‘Cracking the Aging Code’ tackles aging from evolutionary perspective

Book offers some advice on getting older that’s not yet tested

7:00am, July 11, 2016
stretch it out

AGING WELL  Cracking the Aging Code offers typical advice to live long and healthy, such as exercise, as well as some suggestions that have not yet been tested in humans. 

Cracking the Aging Code
Josh Mitteldorf and Dorian Sagan
Flatiron Books, $26.95

A new book on aging starts with what sounds like a promise: “It is a common belief that aging is inevitable and universal. Nothing could be further from the truth.” From this, you might expect the final pages to offer a list of options for fending off the ravages of time. But this is less a how-to guide and more of a dive into why aging happens.

The authors, theoretical biologist Josh Mitteldorf and writer Dorion Sagan, take an extensive stroll through evolutionary theory and aging research in support of an off-center view. After pointing out problems with several theories of why aging evolved, the authors present the controversial premise that

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