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Athletes develop whey-better muscles

7:42pm, April 22, 2003

From San Diego, at the Experimental Biology 2003 meeting

Shops that cater to body builders sell large volumes of dietary supplements, especially products that combine the natural compound creatine with whey protein, a waste product of cheese making. Despite the supplements' popularity, "no study had actually examined [their] impact on muscle-fiber characteristics," notes Paul Cribb, of Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.

His team recruited 33 men in their mid-20s, all highly trained bodybuilders, for a 13-week dietary trial. New data from the study confirm muscle-building benefits from the supplement combo.

The researchers divided their volunteers into four groups, giving each man the same caloric bonus per day: a flavored drink containing a gram of supplement per kilogram of bodyweight. One supplement contained just carbohydrates, another just whey powder, and the last two a mix of creatine with either carbohydrates or whey.

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