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Autism’s journey from shadows to light

From ‘refrigerator mothers’ to ‘autreats,’ new book charts autism’s hopeful cultural trajectory

7:00am, July 25, 2015
Leo Kanner

Johns Hopkins doctor Leo Kanner published an influential paper in 1943 describing autistic children. This and a host of other moments from autism's past receive an accounting in NeuroTribes, a look at the progression of thought surrounding the condition.

Steve Silberman
Penguin Books, $29.95

To understand the future of autism, take a trip to its past. In NeuroTribes, science writer Steve Silberman serves as a knowledgeable and evenhanded guide to the often dark history of autism.

It’s a sad, difficult story that Silberman confronts head-on. In a wide-ranging narrative, he describes desperate parents, children abandoned to grim

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