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Dark matter helped destroy the dinosaurs, physicist posits

Book’s unusual theory offers excuse to explore cosmology, paleontology

9:00am, January 3, 2016

DONE IN BY DARK MATTER  Particle physicist Lisa Randall says that dark matter in the galaxy may have redirected the space rock that killed the dinosaurs toward Earth.

Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs
Lisa Randall
ECCO, $29.99

Dark matter. Dinosaurs. Few topics are as effective at grabbing the attention of science enthusiasts. But Lisa Randall doesn’t just muse about these topics for their popular appeal. The accomplished particle physicist’s latest book, Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs, draws on her 2014 study positing that mysterious invisible matter permeating the cosmos can dislodge comets from their orbits and trigger the kind of impact that wiped out T. rex and friends.

If that seems like a wild proposition, Randall admits that it is: “I’ll tell you right up front that I don’t yet know if this idea is correct,” she writes. Yet she also knows that it is

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