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Don’t forget diet composition

Cutting protein along with calories decreases IGF-1, a growth factor linked to cancer in humans

12:35pm, October 1, 2008
Beefing about your diet probably won’t lengthen your life, but a new study suggests that cutting down on beef and other protein-laden foods might.

A group of researchers at the Center for Human Nutrition at WashingtonUniversity in St. Louis, led by Luigi Fontana and John Holloszy, is investigating how various diets affect people. One of the diets is restricted in calories but still provides full nutrition.

Cutting 25 percent or more calories from the diets of rodents, dogs, worms, flies, yeast and other animals has been shown to prolong life. But no one knows whether restricting calories in people will also make them live longer.

Previous studies from the WashingtonUniversity researchers have shown that members of a group called the Calorie Restriction Society, who have voluntarily followed a calorie restricted diet for years, have vastly improved cardiovascular health than people of the same age who eat 20 percent to 30 perce

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