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Grizzly bears master healthy obesity

Tuned insulin signals may keep animals free of diabetes

1:23pm, August 11, 2014
A grizzly bear eating a fish

BEARING WEIGHT  Feasting in the fall helps grizzlies pack on pounds for winter, but the animals manage to stay healthy while obese by adjusting insulin signals.

Update, September 3, 2015: The study described in this article has been retracted. Amgen, the pharmaceutical company that employs scientists who coauthored the paper, requested the retraction after discovering that one of their scientists had manipulated experimental data.

The retraction notice, published September 1,  notes that the paper’s coauthors from Washington State University and the University of Idaho are currently repeating portions of the study.

Grizzly bears have figured out how to be fat and fit.

Though the animals beef up before hibernating, they may avoid diabetes by tweaking signals in fat cells, researchers report in the Aug. 5 Cell Metabolism

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