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This killifish can go from egg to sex in two weeks

Unpredictable and rapidly vanishing rain-puddle nurseries dictate this need for speed

3:04pm, August 6, 2018

OH GROW UP Scientists knew from lab tests that a kind of killifish (a male shown) beats the records of all other vertebrates known for maturing fast. Now researchers have clocked it in the wild, and it’s even faster.

A fish that lives in rain puddles has beaten its own record for the fastest known sexual maturity among vertebrates.

Turquoise killifish (Nothobranchius furzeri) that hatch after unpredictable deluges in Mozambique can go from hatchling to ready-to-breed adult in 14 days, researchers announce August 6 in Current Biology. Killifish in cushy lab conditions had already grown up faster than other vertebrates, developing fully in 18 days.

Some other vertebrates come close, but they take shortcuts, says coauthor Martin Reichard, an evolutionary ecologist at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Brno. House mice, for instance, sometimes grow up in 23 to 30 days. Yet they’re born at a more advanced stage of development than the hatchling fish, Reichard says, and get a boost from mouse milk. And a kind of goby fish “matures” in 23 days by just growing a gonad on a

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