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3:51pm, November 5, 2003

Early immigrants, earlier

The multiple-origin theory of ancient New World immigration reported in "Continental Survivors: Baja skulls shake up American ancestry" (SN: 9/6/03, p. 150: Continental Survivors: Baja skulls shake up American ancestry) has a long and respectable scholarly history, though it's tarnished from time to time by enthusiasts for one race or another. For an early popular treatment, see Men out of Asia by Harold Sterling Gladwin (1947, McGraw-Hill). Gladwin even mentioned the Pericú, who were cited in the article.

Gene McWhorter
Longview, Texas

Link's no lock

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is considered to be an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system that attacks the myelin sheath around neurons. If there were a relationship between myelin and psychiatric illnesses, as suggested in "DNA Tie for Two Disorders: Genetic defects link psychiatric ailme

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