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Letters to the Editor

Letters from the August 5, 2006, issue of Science News

12:40pm, August 2, 2006

Rod is the spoiler

While I applaud the work that is looking at the biochemical correlates of aggressive and delinquent behavior, it is important to emphasize that environmental factors still predominate when we are searching for the roots of violence ("Violent Developments: Disruptive kids grow into their behavior," SN: 5/27/06, p. 328). Although there is no single factor underlying aggressive behavior in children, my own 30-plus years looking into the relationship between excessive parental discipline and delinquency has convinced me that the violent, recidivist, male juvenile delinquent who was not raised on the belt, board, cord, or fist is nonexistent.

Ralph S. Welsh
Danbury, Conn.

Odd shape

When I looked at the photo for "As waters part, polygons appear" (SN: 6/3/06, p. 348), I didn't see a "pentagonal shape" in the swirling water. I saw a sine wave, w

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