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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

1:37pm, April 18, 2013

Faux pas on fashion
In “Students honored for research,” (SN: 4/6/13, p. 28), the female winner got singled out as “decked out in a lavender satin dress.” Didn’t Hillary Clinton recently point out to an interviewer that he asked her about her clothes, whereas he wouldn’t ask a man that? What are you trying to convey?
Irena Swanson, Portland, Ore.

While editing this story, we did ask ourselves whether we might mention the first-place winner’s tuxedo were he a young man. Our answer, and the reason we kept the phrase in the story, was yes. The writer was trying to use detail to convey the formality of the event and the sense that these young scientists were being feted. It’s unfortunate that it seemed that the winner’s gender was being emphasized over her cerebral achievements. As we move forward, we will be sur

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