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Letters to the Editor

These are the most-read Science News stories of 2017

12:00pm, December 13, 2017
morpho dragonfly

BETTER BLUES  SN's article about the wings of this morpho dragonfly creating natural blue colors in a really complicated way was our top online story in 2017.

The Science News website attracted millions of visitors in 2017. The lists below name the most-read online stories outside of our Top 10 stories of the year, plus the most popular stories for each of our blogs.

Top stories

1. The blue wings of this dragonfly may be surprisingly alive
Tiny tubes between veins in the shimmery blue wings of morpho dragonflies (shown above) may be respiratory networks that help create nanostructures responsible for the dazzling display (SN Online: 6/30/17).

2. Here are the paths of the next 15 solar eclipses
Did you miss the Great American Eclipse? Find another opportunity using this map of all 15 total solar

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