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Letters to the Editor

Readers puzzled by particle physics and a papal decree

Your letters and comments on the March 17, 2018 issue of Science News

7:00am, May 2, 2018

Particle particulars

Physicists are ramping up their search for neutrinoless double beta decay, which could help explain why there is more matter in the universe than antimatter, Emily Conover reported in “The quest to identify the nature of the neutrino’s alter ego is heating up” (SN: 3/17/18, p. 14).

Reader F L Stiles wondered how this decay could explain a surplus of matter. “It seems to me that the neutrinoless double beta decay ... presumes an excess of matter to begin with,” he wrote.

Neutrinoless double beta decay doesn’t explain the matter-antimatter asymmetry on its own, Conover says. &ldquo

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