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Saturn’s moon may host an ocean

Enceladus' geysers could have delivered sodium from its underground ocean and into Saturn's E ring

6:26pm, June 24, 2009

Editor’s Note: Last summer, Science News posted a story about salt found in Saturn’s E-ring and its implications for a possible ocean inside Enceladus, the moon that supplies the particles for that ring. Now, the two studies cited in that story have both been published in the June 25 Nature. We’ve updated the story – the last three paragraphs – to include some additional interpretations of the findings.

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The Cassini spacecraft has found what may be the strongest evidence yet that Saturn’s tiny moon Enceladus has an ocean beneath its icy surface. If the liquid water finding is confirmed, it would suggest that the moon may be one of the most promising places in the solar system to search for signs of past or present extraterrestrial life.

Enceladus is already known to vent geysers of water-ic

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