Carmen Drahl

Carmen Drahl is a freelance science writer based in Washington, D.C.

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  1. microdroplets

    Droplets of these simple molecules may have helped kick-start life on Earth

    Simple molecules called alpha hydroxy acids form cell-sized structures in conditions mimicking early Earth chemistry.

  2. Langoustine claws

    How seafood shells could help solve the plastic waste problem

    Chitin and chitosan from crustacean shells could put a dent in the world’s plastic waste problem.

  3. uranium on the periodic table

    Here’s how long the periodic table’s unstable elements last

    Most elements on the periodic table have at least one stable form. But some don’t. Here’s how long those unstable members endure.

  4. chemical structure of thiostrepton

    Zapping substances with electrons can quickly map chemical structures

    Speedy molecular identification originally developed for proteins might benefit crime lab researchers and drugmakers.