Erika Engelhaupt

Erika Engelhaupt is a freelance science writer and editor based in Knoxville, Tenn. She began her blog, Gory Details, while she was an editor at Science News. She continues the blog at National Geographic, where she was online science editor and managed the Phenomena science blog network. Her work has also appeared at NPR, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Story Collider podcast, and in other newspapers and magazines. 

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  1. Animals

    How ticks get under your skin

    A close look at a tick’s mouthparts reveals enviable burrowing tools.

  2. Psychology

    Maybe mean girls’ mental games have a purpose

    Science is just beginning to tap the wellspring of female competition.

  3. Life

    The reason to avoid poop coffee isn’t what you think

    Beans from civet feces have become so popular that abuse and fraud are common.

  4. Anthropology

    Neandertals ate stomach goop, and you can too

    Eating partially digested stomach contents, or chyme, has long been a nutritional boost.

  5. Animals

    Hiding up your nose is a clever strategy for ticks

    Found hiding in the noses of Ugandan chimps, a new tick species hitchhiked its way to America in a researcher's nose.

  6. Animals

    ‘World’s ugliest animal’ contest took a blobfish out of water

  7. Health & Medicine

    Why you should be only a little afraid to pee

  8. Health & Medicine


  9. Astronomy

    Sounds on distant worlds

  10. Neuroscience

    That’s Disgusting

  11. Science & Society

    Science Ink

  12. Science & Society

    Blood Work