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Ivars Peterson's Articles

  • Math Trek

    Travels of a Shopper

    Shoppers tend to be a lot less efficient than they could be when picking up groceries at the supermarket.
  • Math Trek

    Geometry in Court

    The Pythagorean theorem and geometric series played leading roles in two legal disputes.
  • Math Trek

    Form Plus Function

    Numbers, lines, squares, and shadows add up to an intriguing set of artworks rooted in mathematical concepts.
  • Math Trek

    Quark Park

    Math-inspired and science-related artworks enliven an imaginatively landscaped sliver of parkland.
  • Math Trek

    Mining the Yesternet

    Digital records allow social scientists to study online communities and the diffusion of innovation.
  • Feature

    Swirling Seas, Crystal Balls

    A remarkable geometric shape made up of a sequence of triangles leads to a host of intriguing forms and mobile structures.