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Julie Rehmeyer's Articles

  • Math Trek

    Creeping Up on Riemann

    Theorists find the first example of an elusive complex function that just may help them solve the biggest problem in mathematics.
  • Math Trek

    Humanitarian Statistics

    From Iraq to Sierra Leone to New Orleans, statistical tools help guide responses to human rights crises.
  • Math Trek

    Sacred Geometry

    Beginning in the 17th century, the Japanese adorned temples with beautiful wooden tablets that depicted mathematical questions and theorems, apparently as offerings to the gods.
  • Math Trek

    Spoil-Proofing Elections

    The only way to ensure that the person the voters prefer walks away the winner, mathematicians say, is to fundamentally change voting procedures.
  • Math Trek

    The Geometry of Music

    Music is an audible exploration of hyperdimensional geometries, according to new research.
  • Math Trek

    A Mathematical Tragedy

    Sophie Germain had a bold program to prove Fermat's Last Theorem, but it was doomed to fail.
  • Math Trek

    An Attack on Fermat

    The first female research mathematician had a program to solve Fermat's Last Theorem, and it was almost lost to history.
  • Math Trek

    The Grammy in Mathematics

    Mathematician nominated for award for restoring the only known recording of a live Woody Guthrie performance.