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Kate Travis

Deputy Managing Editor, Digital

Kate Travis is on her second tour of duty at Science News, now serving as Deputy Managing Editor, Digital. She moved to the Washington, D.C., area in 1999 after earning her bachelor's degree in journalism and master's in science journalism from Texas A&M University. Soon after she became deputy news editor (and later, news editor) for the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, a scientific journal published by Oxford University Press. In 2006, she came to Science News as associate editor and left a year later when the opportunity arose to move to Cambridge, England. While there, she served as north Europe editor for Science's online career magazine, Science Careers, and as editor of a website devoted to careers in translational research. She has written for The Scientist, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, CR Magazine, and Health. She returned to Science News in the summer of 2011 to assist with editing news stories and to work on SN Prime, Science News' iPad app. In 2013, she took on a lead role overseeing the sciencenews.org website.

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    The Lady and Her Monsters

    If the makers of Downton Abbey want to capitalize on the popularity of costume dramas, they might look for their next Lady Mary in Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein. Shelley’s life needs no em­bellishment, complete with preposterous plots and love triangles set in an era of intense scientific curiosity about the human body. In this biography, Montillo explores how the science of that time inspired Shelley’s work.