Kyle Plantz is the program assistant for the National Association for Media Literacy Education and a solutions specialist for the Solutions Journalism Network. He is also a former editorial assistant for Science News.

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  1. Sumatra earthquake
    Science & Society

    How past disasters can help us prepare for the future

    In The Big Ones, seismologist Lucy Jones examines the science behind some of the most catastrophic natural disasters in human history.

  2. Suez shipping canal

    50 years ago, invasive species traveled the Suez Canal

    Hundreds of Red Sea species used the Suez Canal to migrate to the Mediterranean Sea, leading to the decline of some native species.

  3. solar eclipse 2017
    Science & Society

    How science and society crossed paths in 2017

    In 2017, Science News covered the science events that everyone was talking about.

  4. a moon rock

    50 years ago, a spacecraft discovered oxygen in moon rocks

    In 1967, scientists dreamed of lunar processing plants to turn moon rocks into oxygen.