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  1. blood vessels
    Health & Medicine

    Heartburn drugs can damage cells that line blood vessels

    A type of heartburn drugs called proton pump inhibitors may damage cells that line the blood vessels. The results, though controversial, hint at an explanation for PPI’s link to serious side effects, including risk of dementia and heart attack.

  2. logo of weekly Zika virus roundup
    Health & Medicine

    This week in Zika: An anniversary, how the virus kills brain cells and more

    New weapons in the fight against Zika, how the virus shrinks minibrains, a quick paper-based test for Zika, and more in this week’s Zika Watch.

  3. Bacteroides fragilis and intestinal cells

    Some Crohn’s genes make cells deaf to messages from good gut bacteria

    Genes linked to Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease, might make people’s immune cells miss out on helpful messages sent by friendly gut bacteria.

  4. Handguns at a gun show in Las Vegas
    Science & Society

    Gun research faces roadblocks and a dearth of data

    Gun violence research is stifled by funding shortfalls and limitations on data access.

  5. Zika watch for April 29, 2016
    Health & Medicine

    This week in Zika: Haiti hit early, possible monkey hosts, and more

    A new test for Zika, how Haiti fits into the outbreak timeline, a look at monkeys that can carry the virus, and more in this week’s Zika Watch.

  6. brain map

    Words’ meanings mapped in the brain

    Language isn’t just confined to one region of the brain: The meaning of words spark activity all over the cerebral cortex.

  7. beetle preserved in amber

    Beetle saved in amber had helicopter wings

    For the first time, scientists report the fossilized remains of two tiny Jacobson’s Beetles, preserved in amber for at least 37 million years.

  8. baby titanosaur

    Baby titanosaur was parents’ Mini-Me

    Babies of one species of titanosaur resembled mini-versions of full-grown adults, and probably acted like them, too.

  9. illustration of maniraptorans

    Clearer picture emerging of dinosaurs’ last days

    Dinosaurs’ final days may have included both a giant asteroid and gradual species die outs. Two new studies paint an increasingly intricate picture of dinosaur’s demise.

  10. zika watch 4/15
    Health & Medicine

    This week in Zika: Assessing risk, mosquito range, a transmission first and more

    Several new reports document Zika infection in U.S. pregnant women, a case of male sexual transmission, the range of Zika-carrying mosquitoes and more.

  11. pregnant woman having an ultrasound
    Health & Medicine

    Zika’s role as a cause of severe birth defects confirmed

    A new analysis from the Centers for Disease control and Prevention confirms that Zika virus infection causes microcephaly and other severe birth defects.

  12. Zika Watch header
    Health & Medicine

    This week in Zika: New mouse model, virus vs. placenta, nerve insulation loss

    In three new papers, scientists present a tool for studying Zika, strike down a theory of infection and offer a broad look at what the virus does to the brain.