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    Pitching Science

    A new computer model of baseball pitching helps give pitching robots humanlike abilities and may have enabled engineers to solve a half-century-old puzzle of baseball science.
  • News

    Stretching and twisting a bright idea

    A new, stretchy type of liquid-crystal component makes it possible to change a laser's color by simply pulling on the membrane—a much easier, cheaper means of adjustment than that used for today's complex and expensive tunable lasers.
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    In a squeeze, nitrogen gets chunky

    Remarkable already for being a semiconductor and, perhaps, an explosive, a new, solid form of nitrogen made by crushing the ordinary gas to the highest pressures ever also stands out because it continues to survive when the pressure is released.
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    Electrons trip on tiny semiconductor steps

    A first glimpse of how a semiconductor's surface alters electrons' magnetic fields, or spins, suggests that tiny steps in the surfaces are tripping up efforts to create so-called spintronics circuits from semiconductors.
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    Light shines in quantum-computing arena

    A new computing scheme using available technology and only classical physics appears to handle many tasks that researchers thought would be unsuited to any computers except the still-hypothetical ones that would exploit quantum physics.
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    Maybe this watched pot already boiled

    Researchers smashing nuclei in hopes of producing a primordial state of matter called the quark-gluon plasma may have already made the stuff without realizing it.
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    Electromagnetism acts oddly in device

    Without breaking any physical laws, a novel, fiberglass-copper structure affects microwaves so strangely that a beam of radiation passing through it bends at an angle opposite from what it get bent at an angle opposite from what it would have exiting any other known material.