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    Physicists get B in antimatter studies

    New observations that subatomic particles called B mesons decay differently from their antimatter versions may help explain why the universe is made almost entirely of matter, not antimatter.
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    Run-of-the-mill compound becomes superstar

    The discovery that simple, common magnesium diboride can conduct electric current without resistance and does so at a surprisingly high temperature has sent physicists racing to understand its properties and to try to improve upon them.
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    Lasers nudge into nuclear medicine

    Using a tabletop laser, researchers produced a medically useful isotope usually made in warehouse-size particle accelerators called cyclotrons.
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    Muon orbits may defy main physics theory

    A tiny discrepancy from theory in a newly remeasured magnetic trait of a subatomic particle, the muon, may represent a first crack in the 30-year-old prevailing standard model of particle physics.
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    Hop . . . Hop . . . Hopbots!

    Two prototype jumping robots that hop, crash-and-land, and then hop again are demonstrating a novel mobility concept that may finally enable small, cheap robots to roam widely over rough terrain.
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    Voltage flip turns magnetism on, off

    Researchers in Japan have made a material whose inherent magnetism can be turned off and on electrically, as long as the material, a novel semiconductor, stays ultracold.
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    Collider is cookin’, but is it soup?

    By making the densest, hottest matter ever in a lab, smashups between fast-moving nuclei in the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider are coming closer than ever to reproducing the superhot, primordial fluid that presumably filled the universe immediately after the Big Bang.