Science past and present

  1. black hole
    Quantum Physics

    Holography entangles quantum physics with gravity

    Spacetime geometry, and therefore gravity, emerges from quantum entanglement, analyses using tensor networks show.

  2. Quantum Physics

    Tensor networks get entangled with quantum gravity

    Using tensors to describe quantum entanglement shows promise as a way to understand gravity.

  3. Tech

    To have a sound mind, a brain needs a body

    Replicating human intelligence in robots requires the right materials for brain-body-environment interactions.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Evidence-based medicine actually isn’t

    Demands for evidence-based medicine confront the contradiction that much of the evidence is worthless or skewed.

  5. Science & Society

    Top 10 mathematical innovations

    Nine mathematical innovations that rank right up there with logarithms.

  6. Science & Society

    Quantum connection could revitalize superstrings

    Status of superstrings could be elevated by their ability to explain the mysterious rules of quantum mechanics.

  7. slide rule
    Science & Society

    Logarithms celebrate their 400th birthday

    Four centuries ago, John Napier provided human calculators the time-saving gift of logarithms.

  8. pigeons
    Quantum Physics

    You shouldn’t try to pigeonhole quantum physics

    A quantum analysis shows a way to violate math’s pigeonhole principle, by allowing three particles in two boxes with no two in the same box.

  9. Quantum Physics

    Quantum math makes human irrationality more sensible

    Vagaries of human decision making make sense if quantum math describes the way the brain works.

  10. Math

    Scientists’ grasp of confidence intervals doesn’t inspire confidence

    Confidence intervals are often misrepresented and are commonly misunderstood, even by researchers.

  11. Life

    Life began when algorithms took control

    Digital storage of molecular information is the key to defining life and understanding its origin, astrobiologists say.

  12. Particle Physics

    It’s almost time to get to know the Higgs boson better

    The next run of particle collisions at the Large Hadron collider will examine details about how the Higgs boson interacts with other particles to search for clues to new physics.