Collection: 2013 SN Top 25

A collection of this year's top science stories and our original coverage

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  1. Animals

    Year in Review: Odd cicada history emerges

    Brood II returns better understood.

  2. Astronomy

    Year in Review: Visitor from the Oort cloud

    A visitor from the outer solar system flies past the sun.

  3. Math

    Year in Review: Progress made toward twin prime proof

    A surprising advance sparks a flurry of work on the mathematical conjecture.

  4. Anthropology

    Year in Review: Slain king’s bones dug up

    The king’s skeleton reveals fatal wounds.

  5. Cosmology

    Year in Review: Dark energy gets more confusing

    New data raise the prospect of a ‘Big Rip’ destroying the cosmos.

  6. Animals

    Year in Review: Canine genealogy

    Competing clues confuse the story of dog domestication.

  7. Planetary Science

    Year in Review: Methane shortage on Mars

    A trace of the gas is not enough to be a sign of life.

  8. Neuroscience

    Year in Review: Obama unveils brain initiative

    In April, the president announced an ambitious plan to reveal the human brain’s secrets.

  9. Psychology

    Year in Review: DSM-5’s controversial debut

    The diagnostic manual updates disorder criteria.