Collection: Favorite books of 2018

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  1. bottled water pickup site in Flint, Mich.
    Health & Medicine

    ‘The Poisoned City’ chronicles Flint’s water crisis

    A new book examines how lead ended up in Flint’s water and resulted in a prolonged public health disaster.

  2. London’s Bethlem Hospital illustration

    The study of human heredity got its start in insane asylums

    ‘Genetics in the Madhouse’ reveals how human heredity research began as a statistical science in 19th century insane asylums.

  3. baleen whale

    ‘Spying on Whales’ dives into the story of true leviathans

    "Spying on Whales" retraces the evolution of cetaceans, explaining how they came to be some of Earth’s largest creatures.

  4. Yale medical school library brain samples
    Health & Medicine

    ‘Aroused’ recounts the fascinating history of hormones

    The new book "Aroused" demystifies hormones, the chemicals that put the zing into life.

  5. a photo of a face with two different eye colors

    The history of heredity makes for a fascinating, and chilling, read

    From eugenics to gene editing, Carl Zimmer’s She Has Her Mother’s Laugh recounts genetics’ biggest discoveries.

  6. Nobel Prize

    Why the Nobel Prize might need a makeover

    In Losing the Nobel Prize, astrophysicist Brian Keating discusses the downsides of science’s top honor.

  7. Animals

    The truth about animals isn’t always pretty

    The Truth About Animals digs up surprising stories about sloths, pandas, penguins and other wildly misunderstood wildlife.

  8. Sumatra earthquake
    Science & Society

    How past disasters can help us prepare for the future

    In The Big Ones, seismologist Lucy Jones examines the science behind some of the most catastrophic natural disasters in human history.