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Surveying student research

Students can search the Science News archive for stories about student research at the International Science and Engineering Fair, ISEF.

A lesson in lipids

These discussion prompts ask students to think in more detail about lipids, their hydrogenation and related scientific areas.

Search for stories on trans fats

Students will search the Science News archive for additional articles related to trans fats.

Trans fat ban as public health experiment

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "Data back ban of artificial trans fats," with a special focus on data collected and analyzed by researchers.

Analyze the climate change data

Students will work in groups to explore available data and research various aspects of climate change and then present their findings to the class.
french fries

Data Back Ban of Artificial Trans Fats

After reading about the results of a ban on trans fats, students can explore the nature of lipids in greater detail, including analyzing foods for the presence of fats.
RECORD BREAKER Climate change and remnant warming from the 2015-2016 El Niño helped make 2016 the hottest year on record. Blue areas were cooler than their long-term average temperature; red area were warmer.

2016 Shattered Earth’s Heat Record

This guide focuses on the Earth's record temperatures and the bigger issue of climate change, including its worldwide and species-wide effects.
SWEET SUCCESS  For the first time, physicists have directly observed gravitational waves, caused by two black holes colliding (illustrated here).

Making Waves

This guide focuses on one big discovery in 2016 (the detection of gravitational waves) and one hot topic (the challenges in developing and embracing self-driving cars).