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Wading through drinking water systems

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "Drinkability."

Gene drive proves it can wipe out mosquitoes

Analyze graphs related to the Science News article "Gene drive wipes out lab mosquitoes."
a composite photo of 10 different scientists

SN 10: Scientists to Watch

This guide introduces students to some of the scientists featured on the SN 10: Scientists to Watch list. Students can explore the questions that motivate these scientists and their myriad career paths.

The SN 10 Game

Students will come up with a Jeopardy! style game or use a game provided to better understand the character traits, personality qualities and career paths of the SN 10: Scientists to Watch.

The languages of the fields

Students will define key science terms from a range of scientific fields using contextual clues from Science News articles.

Tomorrow’s lab-grown meats

Students will analyze data from a graph in the Science News article "Dreaming up tomorrow's burger."
an illustration of a DNA base pair sequence

An Open Book

This guide covers different types of personalized genetic testing and the medical information that can or cannot be learned from such testing.

DNA fingerprinting

In this activity, students will analyze simulated DNA data from different people to understand how such data can be interpreted and applied.

All about genes

These discussion prompts examine student knowledge of DNA and genes, and then explore DNA sequencing and gene therapy.

The human genome reviewed

Students will explore and compare articles about genomes in general, and the human genome in particular.

The stories in your DNA

Students will answer questions based on the Science News article "An open book."

Fight Like an Animal

This guide explores the evolution of animal weaponry and encourages students to think think through animal weaponry experiments.