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Exposure of moms-to-be to hormone-mimicking chemical may affect kids years later

In mice, BPA can cause pregnancy complications that can also trigger later metabolic effects in both moms and grown male offspring

A new rodent study finds that even low-dose exposures to bisphenol A — a hormone-mimicking chemical that leaches out of many plastics and food-can liners — can provoke changes during pregnancy that are bad for both moms and their male offspring.

The new data indicate that BPA is a “possible risk factor for gestational diabetes, type 2 diabetes and even cardiovascular disease associated with metabolic syndrome,” authors of the report say. Metabolic syndrome, which may affect up to one-third of adults, consists of a constellation of prediabetic symptoms that can include elevated blood pressure, higher levels of harmful LDL cholesterol and increases in the length of time fats circulate in the blood (SN: 4/8/00, p. 236).

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