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New book offers a peek into the mind of Oliver Sacks

Essays in ‘The River of Consciousness’ tackle evolution, memory and more

9:00am, October 6, 2017
Oliver Sacks

WANDERING MIND  In an anthology of wide-ranging essays, neurologist and author Oliver Sacks celebrates the beauty — and mysteries — of the world and the people, animals and plants that inhabit it.

The River of Consciousness
Oliver Sacks
Knopf, $27

The experience of reading the essays that make up The River of Consciousness is very much like peering into an ever-changing stream. Pebbles shift as the water courses by, revealing unexpected facets below.

The essays, by neurologist Oliver Sacks and arranged into an anthology two weeks before his death in 2015, meander through such topics as evolution, memory and scientific progress. Most have been published before. But by bringing these quirky, personal and curious essays together, Sacks invites readers into his mind where they can experience the world from his unusually insightful perspective.

Some essays are long, some short. Some take a biographical bent, while others focus more on

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