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Calcium may become a dieter's best friend

11:04am, October 9, 2002

There's encouraging news for people who've been losing the battle of the bulge. Weight loss may be at hand—if that hand begins reaching for a glass of milk, slice of cheese, or dish of yogurt, all low-fat, of course.

At the Experimental Biology 2000 meeting last week in San Diego, scientists from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville reported dramatic findings from a weight-loss study in mice. How much calcium the animals consumed—and its source—greatly affected what share of their meals turned to fat.

Reanalysis of data collected earlier on women supports that finding, another scientist adds.

The Tennessee team used mice that model human patterns of obesity. The animals had been genetically engineered to express in their fat cells a gene called agouti, which normally operates in human but not mouse fat

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