LHC detects asymmetry in particle's decay

LHC detects asymmetry in particle's decay

While interesting, strange B meson's preference for matter over antimatter isn't enough to explain universe's existence

By Andrew Grant, 17:22 PM April 26, 2013

A short-lived subatomic particle preferentially decays into matter rather than antimatter, researchers from the Large Hadron Collider report April 23 at arXiv.org. The strange B meson is only the fourth particle known to exhibit this behavior, providing physicists with a new avenue for figuring out why matter predominates over antimatter in the universe.

The results come from the LHCb detector, which analyzes the remnants of particles that exist for about a trillionth of a second before de...

Source URL: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/lhc-detects-asymmetry-particles-decay