What and when babies first eat may affect diabetes risk

Children predisposed to type 1 diabetes are better off waiting until 4 months of age to consume solid foods

By Nathan Seppa, 11:36 AM July 11, 2013

Infants at risk of type 1 diabetes who receive their first solid foods between ages 4 months and 6 months appear less likely to develop the condition than others given solid food before or after that time window, a new study finds.

Type 1 diabetes, which can strike children at any age, occurs when an aberrant immune reaction kills cells in the pancreas, requiring a person to take insulin shots. Two studies in 2003 found an association between early first foods and the presence of rogue ant...

Source URL: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/what-and-when-babies-first-eat-may-affect-diabetes-risk?mode=magazine&context=4558