Microbes can draw the line between species

Microbes can draw the line between species

Wasps' gut inhabitants can kill or save crossbreeds

By Susan Milius, 17:00 PM July 18, 2013

Sometimes it takes guts, or rather microbes in the guts, to make a species.

Genes are, of course, important. But the live-in microorganisms of jewel wasps play such an important role in keeping species separate that changing gut microbes can also change whether cross-species offspring live or die, Vanderbilt University researchers report July 18 in Science.

The paper gives more details of Nasonia wasp experiments reported at the Evolution conference in Utah last month (SN Online: 7/2/13). ...

Source URL: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/microbes-can-draw-line-between-species