Orangutans hit the ground walking

Orangutans hit the ground walking

Red apes leave the trees when nobody’s watching

By Bruce Bower, 14:20 PM February 12, 2014

Logging has orangutans on the run in Borneo. But an unappreciated tendency to go to the forest floor and scoot short distances while upright or on all fours gives red apes a chance to survive in patchy, partially destroyed forests, researchers report February 13 in Scientific Reports.

More than 1,400 unobtrusive video cameras recorded 641 instances of orangutan ground travel between June 2006 and March 2013. Orangutans left the trees as frequently in dense forests as in areas hit hard by loggi...

Source URL: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/orangutans-hit-ground-walking?mode=magazine&context=187892