Triclosan aids nasal invasions by staph

Triclosan aids nasal invasions by staph

The antimicrobial compound found in soaps and toothpaste may help infectious bacteria stick around

By Beth Mole, 14:40 PM April 15, 2014

Sneezing out antimicrobial snot may sound like a superpower, but it actually could be a handicap.

Triclosan, an omnipresent antimicrobial compound found in products ranging from soaps and toothpaste to medical equipment, is already known to show up in people’s urine, serum and breast milk. It seeps in through ingestion or skin exposure. Now, researchers have found that it gets into snot, too. And in the schnoz, triclosan seems to help the disease-causing bacteria Staphylococcus aureus instead ...

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