Fewer dopamine receptors makes for risky business 

Fewer dopamine receptors makes for risky business 

Brain-scanning study in people sees link between personality, dopamine system

By Laura Sanders, 16:59 PM December 30, 2008

It seems preposterous that thrill seeker James Bond would have too few of anything, but new research suggests he may have a deficit of dopamine receptors.

Earlier work has suggested that a propensity for risky behaviors, like driving fast cars, gambling and drinking, is influenced by dopamine, one of the brain’s chemical messengers. Now a team of researchers led by neuroscientist David Zald has confirmed in humans a link between “novelty-seeking personality traits” and dopamine receptors. ...

Source URL: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/fewer-dopamine-receptors-makes-risky-business ?mode=magazine&context=674