Apes and Old World monkeys may have split later than thought

Fossil find resets timing of major event in primate evolution

By Bruce Bower, 12:30 PM July 14, 2010

A slope-faced, big-toothed creature from the distant past has inspired scientists to recalibrate the ancient evolutionary split between apes and Old World monkeys.

Discoverers of a partial apelike skull in western Saudi Arabia say that it now appears that a poorly understood parting of major primate groups occurred between 29 million and 24 million years ago. A 2004 analysis of DNA from living apes and monkeys in Africa and Asia had estimated an earlier divergence, between 34.5 and 29.2 mil...

Source URL: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/apes-and-old-world-monkeys-may-have-split-later-thought