Prehistoric ‘Iceman’ gets ceremonial twist

Prehistoric ‘Iceman’ gets ceremonial twist

Rather than dying alone high in the Alps, Ötzi may have been ritually buried there

By Bruce Bower, 14:51 PM August 26, 2010

A prehistoric man whose naturally mummified body was discovered frozen in the Italian Alps may have been toted up the mountain by his comrades, a new study suggests.

The Iceman, also nicknamed Ötzi, lived between 5,350 and 5,100 years ago as part of a genetically distinct European population (SN Online: 10/30/08). Hikers noticed the Iceman poking out of a glacier in 1991.

Since the 2001 discovery of a stone point in the Iceman’s left shoulder, many scientists have assumed that someone shot and...

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