Early meat-eating dinosaur unearthed

Early meat-eating dinosaur unearthed

Pint-sized, two-legged runner dates back to the dawn of the dinos

By Alexandra Witze, 12:37 PM January 13, 2011

The dinosaur family tree just added a new relative: a small, nipping, meat-eating creature dating back to dinosaurs’ earliest days.

Unearthed in 230-million-year-old rocks in Argentina, in life this bipedal animal would have been as tall as a 7-year-old but as light as a house cat. Paleontologists announced the new dinosaur, dubbed Eodromaeus, or “dawn runner,” in the Jan. 14 Science.

Eodromaeus joins its kin Eoraptor, a similar-sized dinosaur known to have lived in the same time and place...

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