Wasps airlift annoying ants

Wasps airlift annoying ants

In a scrap over food, being big and able to fly is an advantage

By Susan Milius, 14:59 PM March 30, 2011

AIRBORNE from Science News on Vimeo.

A wasp, attracted to food, dispenses with a vexing ant by grabbing it, flying backward and then dropping its cargo.
Credit: J. Grangier and P.J. Lester/Biology Letters 2011

A kind of wasp that often flees from scary, acid-spraying ants turns out to have a strong move of its own. When both the invasive Vespula vulgaris wasps and native New Zealand ants scramble to collect the same food windfall, one of the wasps sometimes swoops down and grabs an unsusp...

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