Facebook ‘likes’ can reveal users’ politics, sexual orientation, IQ

Researchers predict personal traits using data from social media site

By Rachel Ehrenberg, 15:27 PM March 11, 2013

You might predict that most fans of the satirical, Fox News–mocking show “The Colbert Report,” are Democrats. But it turns out that liking rapper Nicki Minaj and enjoying cuddling also hint at leftward political leanings. A new study finds that the things someone “likes” on Facebook can predict personal attributes such as political leaning, age, gender and sexual orientation.

The study harnessed data from 58,000 volunteers who used an app on Facebook called myPersonality, which study coauth...

Source URL: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/facebook-‘likes’-can-reveal-users’-politics-sexual-orientation-iq