Environmental change may spur growth of ‘rock snot’

Controversial theory suggests alga is a native species, not an invader

By Beth Mole, 17:29 PM May 20, 2014

Environmental change could be triggering “rock snot” algal blooms that harm fish and leave pristine riverbeds looking like tattered mats of soggy toilet paper.

Since the mid-2000s the goopy blooms, which look mucuslike up close, have cropped up in rivers worldwide. Researchers assumed that the responsible alga, Didymosphenia geminata, was a foreigner or a mutant aggressively invading clean watersheds. But a new analysis suggests that the alga nicknamed didymo is instead native to much of the g...

Source URL: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/environmental-change-may-spur-growth-‘rock-snot’?mode=magazine&context=187368