2009 Science News of the Year: Numbers

By Science News, 13:11 PM December 17, 2009

Detroit Tigers second baseman Placido Polanco, a 2009 Gold Glove winner, applies the tag as Chicago White Sox's Gordon Beckham slides into second. Image credit: Duane Burleson - file

The stats on fielding
Astute baseball fans know who has the golden glove, but assigning a number to a player’s defensive merits has been tricky. Benjamin Baumer, a statistician for the New York Mets, suggests that new methods could offer a fuller picture (SN: 8/29/09, p. 16). The long-used formula for measuring a player’s fielding ability doesn’t give credit for superior range, the ability to successfully run down a ball out of reach for most players. Baumer analyzed two methods for g...

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