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E.g., 07/15/2019
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  • 50 years ago, noise was a nuisance (it still is)

    Noise Menace Threatens Man — Noise, forever bombarding urban and suburban man, is becoming an increasing menace to his psychological and physical well-being. Little cars with oversized engines, enormous trucks, sirens, construction projects and jet planes are exacting high prices in frazzled nerves, fatigue and poor hearing. — Science News, October 15, 1966 UPDATE

    Concerns about...

    10/09/2016 - 08:00 Health, Pollution
  • First

    Atlantic monument is home to unique and varied creatures

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    Two stretches of ocean about 210 kilometers southeast of Cape Cod have become the Atlantic Ocean’s first U.S. marine national monument.

    The 12,725-square-kilometer area is called the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument. The new designation is intended to help protect the region’s fragile deep-sea ecosystem, which includes whales, sea turtles and...

    10/07/2016 - 08:00 Oceans, Conservation, Science & Society
  • Editor's Note

    Sometimes failure is the springboard to success

    Some discoveries originate in failures. Lab failures, of course, can lead to serendipitous findings. Observations that fail to meet your expectations create space for a new idea to take hold. Imperfections — small failures — may tell volumes about how something was made or what it is made of. Exposing flaws in a theory inches scientists closer to a better one. Failure forces us to ask...
    10/05/2016 - 13:31 Science & Society, Earth, Anthropology, Astronomy
  • Letters to the Editor

    A metallic odyssey, what's causing sunspots and more reader feedback

    Metallic odyssey

    Scientists are getting closer to turning hydrogen into a solid metal, Emily Conover reported in “Chasing a devious metal” (SN: 8/20/16, p. 18).

    “If, as some scientists think, [metallic hydrogen] formed under intense pressure remains solid at room temperature, why don’t we find any on our planet?” asked Michael Brostek. “If formed in a star that subsequently explodes...

    10/05/2016 - 13:30 Physics, Materials, Oceans, Astronomy
  • Feature

    Animal hybrids may hold clues to Neandertal-human interbreeding

    Neandertals are the comeback kids of human evolution. A mere decade ago, the burly, jut-jawed crowd was known as a dead-end species that lost out to us, Homo sapiens.

    But once geneticists began extracting Neandertal DNA from fossils and comparing it with DNA from present-day folks, the story changed. Long-gone Neandertals rode the double helix express back to evolutionary relevance as...

    10/05/2016 - 11:00 Human Evolution, Animals