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    Solving one mystery of polar wander

    Astronomers have long known that the Earth wobbles as it spins. Several irregularities in rotation—small oscillations superimposed upon larger wobbles atop even larger waggles—cause the location of the true North Pole, about which the Earth rotates, to meander across the Arctic landscape.

    The causes of some components of the pole's overall movement are well understood, but the driving...

    04/15/2003 - 17:17 Earth
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    Early web-footed bird made impression

    Scientists don't know if many birds 110 million years ago looked like a duck, walked like a duck, or quacked like a duck, but they're now sure of one thing—some had webbed feet.

    Researchers discovered the fossil tracks of an otherwise unknown bird in sediments near Jinju, South Korea. The scientists, who described their find in the June 21 online issue of Naturwissenschaften...

    04/15/2003 - 17:15 Earth
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    Where's Waldo . . . and 6 billion others?

    Scientists at Oak Ridge (Tenn.) National Laboratory have combined satellite imagery and detailed census data to develop a worldwide database that can provide estimates of the number of people located in areas on a grid that has boxes with areas of 1 square kilometer or less.

    The researchers describe the LandScan database, which they say will help determine populations at risk from...

    04/15/2003 - 17:11 Earth
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    Wasp redesigns web of doomed spider

    A wasp larva injects a spider with a web-altering drug, driving the spider to spin a shelter just right for a wasp cocoon.

    It's "probably the most finely directed alteration of behavior ever attributed to an insect parasitoid," notes William G. Eberhard of Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and University of Costa Rica in San Jose. In the July 20 Nature, he describes the wasps'...

    04/15/2003 - 16:46
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    Parasite deludes rats into liking cats

    A protozoan that infects rats dims their wariness around cats and can even lead to what Oxford researchers call a fatal attraction.

    That's too bad for the rat, but it works for the parasite, explains Manuel Berdoy in England.

    The protozoan, Toxoplasma gondii, needs to jump from rat to feline to complete its life cycle. The rat's getting caught by a cat fits the parasite's agenda,...

    04/15/2003 - 16:45