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    Making machines from genes

    It's been a while since DNA just encoded genes. During the past decade, scientists have found ways to use this celebrity of molecular biology as an electrical wire (SN: 7/13/96, p. 26), a girder for making elaborate structures, and a computing device. (SN: 8/14/99, p. 104) (SN: 9/18/99, p. 181).

    In a new twist for the helical molecule, DNA takes on a role of power. It's the...

    06/16/2003 - 15:05 Technology
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    Coddled crystal slams door on light

    A light touch has improved a material designed to manipulate light. The development brings photonic microcircuits, which would use photons instead of electrons, closer to reality, researchers say.

    To create microchips for light, many researchers have been attempting to create repetitive, crystal-like structures called photonic crystals. Now, Susuma Noda of Kyoto University in Japan and...

    06/16/2003 - 15:02 Technology
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    Russia's nuclear-safety issues spread

    From Washington, D.C., at the 220th national meeting of the American Chemical Society

    Russia's problem with nuclear-waste management has transcended national borders, says a leading Russian environmentalist. Aleksandr Nikitin says the sinking of Russia's Kursk nuclear submarine on Aug. 12 only exacerbates the situation.

    Nikitin, a former member of Russia's Navy and a coauthor of...

    06/16/2003 - 15:01 Humans & Society
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    Cutting edge chemistry rushes online

    From Washington, D.C., at the 220th national meeting of the American Chemical Society

    A controversial new tool that may accelerate chemistry research made its debut last week. Chemists can now submit their research papers to the Chemistry Preprint Server, which was officially launched at a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

    The server is run by a London-based, commercial Internet site...

    06/16/2003 - 14:59 Humans & Society
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    Do zinc lozenges shorten common colds?

    Since 1984, researchers have debated whether zinc helps people to fight off colds. In that time, five studies have found that it helps, while five others established no such benefit.

    A report in the Aug. 15 Annals of Internal Medicine now tilts the balance in favor of zinc, finding that lozenges taken every few hours at the start of a cold slash its average duration nearly in half.

    06/16/2003 - 14:55 Biomedicine