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    Dormant bacteria may spawn infection

    Bacterial infections that seem to be cured can flare up again months or years later. Dormant bacteria may be to blame, according to a new laboratory study. Hadley Hartwell and Todd R. Steck of the University of North Carolina in Charlotte have been investigating the effect of antibiotics on Escherichia coli, a frequent cause of urinary tract infections.

    Up to 50 percent of all women...

    05/30/2001 - 12:49
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    Undercooking makes germs strong

    Food safety experts always advocate cooking meat carefully–especially ground-meat products–so that even the core reaches germ-killing temperatures. But a new federal study demonstrates that precooking servings to sublethal temperatures before the final cooking actually makes germ killing more difficult.

    Food microbiologist Vijay K. Juneja of the Agriculture Department's Eastern Regional...

    05/30/2001 - 12:49
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    Dirty money harbors bacterial dangers

    There's a new reason for laundering money. Dollar bills support a rich flora of bacteria, some of them infectious, say research physicians Theodore W. Pope and Peter T. Ender of the Medical Center of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

    They worked with Michael A. Koroscil at Beavercreek (Ohio) High School, who originated the idea for a science-fair project. The group counted the...

    05/30/2001 - 12:48
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    Breast milk battles thrush in infants

    A mother's milk may be the best medicine for newborn infants with AIDS.

    Human breast milk inhibits the growth of yeast spores, the source of a painful fungal infection of the mouth and throat in infants, according to research presented last week.

    Called thrush, the infection affects approximately 5 percent of all newborns. Babies born with compromised immune systems are at much...

    05/30/2001 - 12:47
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    Statins' structure blocks cholesterol

    Cholesterol-clobbering drugs called statins do their good work via the molecular equivalent of a sit-down strike, report researchers in the May 11 Science. The researchers used X-ray crystallography to determine the detailed structure of six different types of statins. From these, they deduced that the proteins interrupt a cascade of cholesterol-building events by physically blocking the...

    05/30/2001 - 12:37 Biomedicine